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Our Way

At Clek we are all about the Ride. All kinds of rides, including the one through life. When we first started out on this journey we had a clear direction. Forward, but with different thinking. Because how you get there matters.

Our Roots

Clek was born out of one of the world’s largest, most diversified automotive suppliers, and with it came the superior design and engineering, world class manufacturing and craftsmanship found in luxury automotive seating today. Are we a driven group of people? No, we do all the driving.

Innovation Without Compromise

Our thinking is design thinking. Not only products, but also experiences. Parenting comes with compromises. We get that. But we don’t believe you need to compromise when it comes to child passenger safety. Comfort, safety, convenience and style can co-exist without sacrifice. Easy task? Nope. An important one? Absolutely.

Elemental Safety

Elemental safety is our approach — the Clek way of thinking about the performance of each of our products and the lives they are protecting. Essential elements and our methodology enable us to develop systems that work together to protect our kids.

Manufactured in North America

We have made a conscious decision to manufacture our products in North America. Yes, it may cost a little more to do business on our side of the pond but we think it's worth it. Not only are we supporting businesses here (most of our suppliers are also North American based), we are also closer to the process to better ensure the high quality you expect from a Clek product.


It’s what we teach our kids, right? Responsibility. It is a big word that we take seriously. We believe that businesses have a responsibility to our communities.

Clek contributes to non-profit organizations aimed at helping children who live below the poverty line. As we grow, so will our outreach.

Product Recycling Program

We keep the environment at the forefront of the decisions we make daily. We believe that as producers we should be responsible for everything we make and put into this world.

It starts with our design process, on to the selection of the materials we use, all the way through making sure the product materials and components are all recyclable or reusable.

Clek has formed strategic partnerships in both Canada and the United States to manage the disassembly and recycling or reintroduction of the plastic, metal, foam and fabric components into other products.

Learn how to recycle your Clek seat.

Ride On!

Get out there! Take the kids, the dog...and don’t forget your imagination. There are so many adventures out there... Are you ready?

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