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SouthShore manufacture affordable furniture for the North American market and share their passion and tips with the consumers so they can create the décor that suits their way of life.

At South ShoreTM Furniture, we believe that when it comes to helping the environment every little bit counts. It is also our priority to manufacture products that will not harm consumers’ health.


  • All our furniture is manufactured using particle board and MDF that are made entirely from recycled fibres. All products shipped in California respect CARB II environmental standards, as prescribed by law.

  • We also favour particle board suppliers who are EPP and FSC compliant.

  • Our new Eco-Armor packaging is made of recyclable materials only. By Spring 2013, all of our products will be packaged this way, which will allow us to eliminate 60,000 cubic meters of styrofoam, the equivalent of 706 trailer-loads annually.

  • All our exposed hardware is tested to ensure it contains no lead or other heavy metals.

  • Both the cardboard and plastic film used in our packaging are made from recycled materials.

  • We send our hardware for bagging in reusable plastic bins, rather than cardboard boxes.

  • We keep our glues, lacquers and thinners in reusable, refillable containers.

  • We recycle the materials we use, including paper, cardboard, batteries, printer cartridges, plastic film and scrap metals.

  • Our scrap wood panels are used to heat our factories.

  • We pay to have our machine oils and fluorescents disposed of safely.

  • Our furniture is nearly 85% biodegradable by weight.

  • We have a flexible schedule policy in place that encourages our employees to carpool, which reduces the number of cars on the road.


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