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Kaloo, a French story made of passion, love and dreams, to offer our little ones a soft and enchanting world that would meet their needs in terms of learning, health and safety.

Kaloo products comply with the following regulations:

  • European Safety Standards: EN71, tested by a certified laboratory.
    • Part 1:
      • Mechanical and physical properties:

      1. Torque test

      2. Compression test

      3. Small part cylinder

      4. Tension test

      5. Tip over test

      6. Resistance of the sewing

      7. Drop test

  • Part 2: Resistance in the distribution of fire.

  • Part3: Migration of certain elements:
    • Detection of presence of heavy metals.

American Safety Standards: ASTM, tested by a certified laboratory. European Guidelines on phtalates: Dangerous for the good development of children, our products and PVC respect all the regulations for phtalates. European Guidelines on azodye: Azodyes contains 21 aromatic amines which could be dangerous to human health, consequently our dyes fully comply with the requirements of the European norms.

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