How to choose a stroller Expand

How to choose a stroller


Do you find that buying a stroller is an important decision ?

Probably yes. Since this is a bit like the first car of your child! Well, when you're pregnant, you become obsessed with finding strollers. There are so many choices and you are overwhelmed without a doubt. Even that is enough to make you crazy!

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Here are some questions to ask yourself when purchasing your stroller : 

1 . What type of terrain will you walk?

a) For the bumpy roads or humpbacked you may want a stroller with good traction , suspension and sturdy wheels . The Jogger Strollers are good for this new hybrid or three or four wheels.

b) On the busy streets of the city would be more appropriate a stroller with wheels with good quality bearing system with a suspension . However, make sure your stroller is fairly compact, manoeuvrable and agile to circumvent , avoid or leave the crowd or obstacles easily and comfortable agility.

c) All types of stroller works well on flat and wide sidewalks without obstacle - you just need to consider the other features you want your stroller has .

d) Will you make the race? Jogging ? If you are an athlete or , maybe you will consider welded frames. Moderate joggers or nature lovers will perhaps consider the intermediate models and will also prefer adjustable suspension. Must absolutely try before you buy . Seek the advice of an expert before making your purchase

2 . Do you need to load and unload your car often ? Are you going up or down stairs often with your stroller ?

You need to think about these things, since strollers can become very heavy to carry. Make sure you are able to easily manipulate your stroller. Also make sure you are comfortable with locking system. Do you practice a little store because some are easier than others. The last thing you want is to be taken to tears while your baby cries, your heavy stroller refuses to comply and your personal belongings spills onto the floor!

3 . Do you want a stroller that can also hold your newborn in a pram or baby with an adapter for your car seat or both?

You will definitely want to take walks with your little one ( trust us, you'll go crazy if you stay locked in the house during your first weeks ... ) , do so if you have the budget, consider what type of stroller or these additional Accesssories .

4 . Is there a big difference between you and the HEIGHT of your spouse / partner ?

If this is the case , make sure you both are comfortable with the handle bar of your stroller. Some strollers have adjustable handles which is great in itself. If this is not the case, you should each do a test to make sure you're not leaning too for your back and avoid kicking foot to the back of the stroller which could damage to longterme .

5 . Is that the stroller is easy to clean ?

Stroller seats are not all removable or washable. The seat is to become dirty over time as well , so make sure it is easy to spot clean if you can not remove it.

6 . What kind of accessories are important to you ?

It is difficult to find a stroller that is totally perfect . However, they all have some great accessories options to supplement or make it more useful and enjoyable to use your stroller. Is the size of the basket under the seat is sufficient for your needs ? A cup holder is a ' MUST ' (if you like to drink hot coffee during your morning walks ) . Some strollers come with a rain cover , quilts , snack trays , etc. ... all depends on what you need. Sure, you can buy most of these things separately but it's nice when a stroller comes with some of them!

7 . What kind of ' canopy ' comes with the stroller ?

It is important to have a ' canopy ' great enough to prevent the sun goes directly to your baby's eyes . At the same time the canopy must be retractable when it is not in use !

8 . Is the stroller compatible with several types of car seat ?

Now , several strollers renowned suggest adapters for various types of car seats to connect to the stroller. So the baby does not have to leave his car seat, you take it with the shell to fix it on the stroller without waking baby. Some strollers sell their own car seat so you do not have to use adapters to attach the seat of the same brand or manufacturer. This translates into a saving of money you would have paid for the adapters 40 and $ 90.

9 . Do you need a scalable '' stroller?

If you are thinking about having children together or think used the stroller with 2 or more children. Must choose the right stroller for you. Your initial choice is very crucial for a good experience with your stroller. Think twice before you buy. You'll probably need expert.s advices!

Know before answering all questions, that at all times at Aux Petits Pas, we have all models on the sales floor at your disposal to try . In addition, the specialist is always there to do demonstrations , answer your questions and assist you in your purchase decision.